I put some of my Antiques to use on a daily basis. Vintage Cast Iron Cookware might as well not be considered Antique.  At least as far as I am concerned.  I use mine often.

Las Vegas in the middle of summer is easily hitting 110°F daytime temperatures.  For some that is not conducive for enjoying a hot bowl of Chili.

Many reserve that cuisine for chilling winter days.

Not me.  I enjoy Chili year round.  Additionally Chili isn’t at it’s best, unless you have cornbread as a side to accompany it.

On a hot day outside I often drag out the crock-pot to make a batch of chili to avoid heating up the kitchen.  While I am a cast iron connoisseur, I am certainly not firing up some charcoal and Dutch Oven cooking when it is a scorching +110°F outside either.  Thinking about getting the kitchen oven up to 425°F for a batch of cornbread, doesn’t sound too appealing either.  That heats the whole house up.

This is where vintage Cast Iron meets the modern Counter-top Convection Oven.  The combination works well together and doesn’t kick my air conditioner on more than normal.

Now I am sitting back enjoying a bowl of Chili.  Dipping my hot buttered corn sticks in some maple syrup.  What a killer combination.  Both in the cooking technique, as well as the food paring.


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