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In the process of attempting to repair a badly weathered and broken down birdcage, we discovered this Dragon Hanging Hook – What is it?

We believe the rather unassuming look of the hanging hook. Truly is a case of “it is more than meets the eye”.

Click on this link to follow over to the full DRAGON HOOK article and more photos

We hope there are some readers out there with more knowledge on this. Also someone that is willing to pass on some of their knowledge. Educate us and our readers at the same time.

BLUE DRAGON Richard Corben 1984 Artwork

This piece of Estate Sale artwork had us searching for more information on this unusual piece. As well as more information on the artist. If you have more information please email us.

As always, our objective is to educate you as well as ourselves. When readers submit unusual subject matter to us we try to do just that. This art, as well as artist, was new to us. How about you?

Click link for our article on this piece of art.