Charleston Antique Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada is re-opening Friday 5/15/2020 during Covid phase I.

For Vendors as well as patrons safety.  As well as generating confidence in visiting retail shopping.  Expect temporary rules to be in place.  Vendors and Patrons will be required to be masked while in the shop.  Limits on people entering at any given time may also be imposed should that be necessary.

Welcome Back!

Charleston Antique Mall
560 S. Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada   89107
(702) 228-4783
Click for Map to street address


To our valued email list subscribers and readers.  We continue to get notices of upcoming event cancellations.  We just received another concerning the Pasadena College Flea Market.   They have cancelled April’s 2020 event.

Rather than us continuing to generate emails on this subject we suggest you check on any travel destination of any event.  Prior to making any trip in the coming future.  Go to the actual source for the latest updates.  Our site may not get official notices, or even a heads up from a contributing individual/member.

We personally are adhering to any local or federal mandated rules, or even suggestions, or recommendation.  Hoping this passes sooner rather than later.

Be safe in this period of uncertainties.

ELVIS Times 3

Just in time for the upcoming Rockabilly Weekend.  Three individual sets, in the original packaging.  Buy one or all to complete your music collection.

Each boxed set contains 5 Disc’s

Elvis “The King of Rock “N” Roll – The Complete 50’s Masters  $24.98
Elvis “From Nashville to Memphis” The Essential 60’s Masters $24.98
Elvis “Walk a Mile in my Shoes” The Essential 70’s Masters $24.98

These will be available at Vendor 24 Until Sold
Charleston Antique Mall
Las Vegas, Nevada

Email Subscriber update: We have added two new listings today

We have added two new listings today.  Both are shops located on Main Street in the growing Art District of Las Vegas.

Main Street Mercantile
Vintage Vegas

Please click the above two links to check out their contact information.  Better yet click their MAP link.  Find where they are.  Then go visit, say hi, and browse their store.

While their listings are new in our directory.  They are not new.  Their shops are full of great stuff you just can’t live without !


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This tasteful brass Hanukkah Menorah can be described as having the Lions of Judah facing the Decalogue (10 Commandment tablets). The tablets are behind doors that open and close.

Stands 7.5 inches high. 8 Inches wide.

This was an Estate Sale piece that is in excellent condition.

The only markings or indication of origin is on the underside of the base. Stamped, Molded, or Engraved, in block letters MADE IN ISRAEL.

It is believed this is Circa 1960’s.

Valued at $150.00-$175.00

Sold in less than a week once put in the shop!