This posting is more about the love of Ancestry Research, rather than about finding a Vintage Bible.

After I retired, I spent about a year doing extensive research on my own surname and family tree.  Had I stumbled on an old family Bible such as this, connected to my family,  I would have thought I struck gold.

While this Bible’s condition is well worn, tattered, missing metal or leather clasps or straps, and the binding is coming apart.  None the less, it is a beautiful vintage Bible.

The page that has a description, and we wish a copyright date, shows the following.

Holy Bible
Containing the Old and New Testaments
Together with the Apocrypha
Translated out of the Original Tongues
And with the former translations diligently compared and revised
to which are appended
A Concordance, The Psalms of David in Metre,
An Index, Tables, and other Useful Matters.
The Text Conformable to the Standard of the American Bible Society
Charles H. Yost,
Bible Publisher
No. 815 Filbert Street

At some level, it would be incredible if someone see’s this post and this leads to having this Bible find its way to it’s rightful place.

We believe this Bible to be C. 1870’s.   There is no copyright date that we can find anywhere.

Our Appraised value of this Bible in “As is Condition” is $500-$800.   The Book is going up for sale.   We may ship this off to be sold in a high end auction.  For now, contact or inquiries can be made through email to:

To a family that can link a surname to this book, it could be priceless.

Some of the Surnames written in the Bible are: BALL, MURRAY, LITTLE, and  LINSON.   See the transcribed info from three pages with inked handwritten entries.  The handwriting appears to have been done by the same person?  Some is difficult to make out and when in doubt we have provided a few possible alternatives.

On the MARRIAGES page

Eulass Ball
Margaret Murry
Married Jan 18, 1835

Cyrus M. Ball
Susan M. Little
Married May 5, 1863

Cyrus M. Ball
Mary E. Linson
Married Jan 15, 1878
Rev P. P. (STIVORDS ?)  hard to tell correct spelling
At Lebanon, O     (This would be Lebanon Ohio

On the BIRTHS page
Eulass Ball was

Cyrus Murry Ball was
born Feb 28, 1878

On the DEATHS page
Enlass Ball died

Margaret Murry Ball
died May 31, 1886
from cancer

Note:Found Grave Marker on Find A Grave
Eulass Ball
1802 – 1 Dec 1841
Greenlawn Cemetary Plot Section 3
South Charleston
Clark County, Ohio USA

Note:Found Grave Marker on Find A Grave
Margaret Murry Ball
22 Mar 1812 – 31 May 1886
Greenlawn Cemetary Plot Section 3
South Charleston
Clark County, Ohio USA

Susan M Ball died  (Note: Surname Little ?)
March 2, 1867
Aged 21 and 8 days (hard to read.  This may not be correct)

Cyrus Murry Ball died
Friday Dec 3, 1926 aged
89 years and 28 days
brights disease  (Note: Bright’s Disease is a historic classification of Kidney Disease)

Note:Found Grave Marker on Find A Grave
Cyrus M Ball
23 May 1837- 3 Dec 1926
Greenlawn Cemetary Plot section 3
South Charleston
Clark County, Ohio USA

As author of this blog article, I became fascinated by some of the information I found.  That led to some limited genealogy background investigation on some of the surnames found within this Bible.

Eulass Ball for an example was a graduate of Lexington Medical College.  He was one of the pioneer physicians of this country.  One of only eight in the area at the time per one article I read. (Ref:Book “Portait and Biographical Album of Greene and Clark Counties, Ohio” Page 264 

Mary E. Ball wife of Cyrus M. Ball is also referenced in the same above referenced page.  A lady that had received every advantage of education and training.  Her Grandparents were early pioneers and large land owners.

Cyrus M. Ball was incapacitated by paralysis of some nature.  Mary E. Ball had oversight of their affairs.  Cyrus Ball owned 1100 acres of land.

At one point they built a mansion (started April 1889) at a cost of about $35,000.  It is presumed that it was the largest and finest farm house in the state, if not the United States at that time.  It even had hot and cold water throughout.  Connected by telephone to South Charleston, one and one half miles away.



This appears to be a pre 1950’s Bostrom-Brady #2 Transit Level.  Known as a Builder or Farm Level.  Some parts brass, other parts copper or possible red brass.  Manufactured by Bostrom-Brady Mfg. Co.  Atlantic, GA U.S.A

We believe it is in in its original wood box.  The box is vintage and original looking.  Corners of the box are joined using finger joints.  Hinge pins appear to be a nail with tail bent over and trimmed off.

The box has a wood padded cradle to hold the transit level, as well as a place to secure a Plumb Bob.  The Plumb Bob is missing.  There is no paper instruction sheet, and any Bostrom-Brady label or tag that may have existed is not on or in the box.

There is a unique label attached to the inside of the hinged lid.  It adds some dated material to the piece.  Making it somewhat unique, more desirable, and perhaps adding some additional value to a collector.

Has a label inside the box from:
William T. Lindstrom Co.
Surveying Instruments
Drawing Materials
Repairing of Scientific Instruments
127 E. Sixth St Los Angeles, CAL.
Hand dated  7/31/53

If we speculate a bit we could assume this piece had some type of repair, or perhaps was resold in 1953 by the William T. Lindstrom Co.?

If you owned this piece what would you do with it?


This wood looking composite, combo bust torso.  It is a great example of the odd and the curious.  Yet at such a simplistic level.

Doubtful this is even vintage let alone antique?  We can’t find anything on this by doing any type of search.  So if you know this is a mass produced piece of cheap home decor.  Please chime in on the comments.

It is sure to please someone irregardless.  It is somewhat of an eye catcher and makes a person look.  Just to try and figure out what it is.

This piece measures 15 inches high by about 7 across.

If nothing else it would be a great display prop!  For use in a retail case as a display.  Or at home as a decor item or functional necklace display holder.


Shown here is an intricately carved wood dragon.  This is a beautiful example of Asian art.  The workmanship was done on a large diameter section of Bamboo.

The carving measures 26.5 inches long and approximately 5 to 5.5 inches in diameter.  Sitting on the half slice of bamboo for a base stand, the top edge of horizontal piece is 10 inches off the table.

Purchases such as this are difficult to find for retail in specialty shops or Antique Shops.  Finding one for retail requires exploring many upper scale Estate Sales, or finding a motivated collector or decorator willing to part with such and unusual piece of art.

Click on the image to see a more detailed view.



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Some call these South Pacific Circle Pearls.   They are not the typical more spherical shape.  Beautiful and very classic.

Both of these are a 32 inch continuous loop/strand necklace.  No clasp.  One is mostly a white ivory color.  The other is has a slight gold color to the white ivory coloring.

Please note: Chanel background is for display only and not for sale.

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This image shown with a “Tam Juniper” untrimmed 1 gallon size


Some of our re-purposing projects are more personal in nature. We like using odd pottery found at garage sales for $5 or less. These become a focal point in our outdoor garden. Many of these pots were not originally made with a drain hole for use with live plants. We use a modification.

Shown here are two different finds, and re-purposing projects.  Both were created to enhance the Asian theme we have,  in a section of our outdoor garden.

Both pottery pieces had a Dragon theme. We wet drilled a 1 inch drain hole through the pot using a diamond hole saw.

We have found several versions of small growing, or low growing evergreens to serve as your live tree. You will have to use something that is adaptable to your local climate. You might have to cruise your local nursery?  Be aware some species are not available all times of the year.  Nor in all locations.

Our favorite is the “Japanese Garden Juniper”.  It can normally be found for about $5 in the small 1 gallon containers at local nurseries.  The short clumps of needles make it ideal for producing the Bonsai Tree effect.

We have found it best to transplant your live tree and let it establish itself before you start shaping and trimming to get the visual effect you are after. Bare copper #14 or #14 wire can be used to train or bend the branches (or roots) to obtain your desired look.  Simply wrap the wire around, bend, and shape as needed.

This image is shown with a “Japanese Garden Juniper” 1 gallon size