This image shown with a “Tam Juniper” untrimmed 1 gallon size


Some of our re-purposing projects are more personal in nature. We like using odd pottery found at garage sales for $5 or less. These become a focal point in our outdoor garden. Many of these pots were not originally made with a drain hole for use with live plants. We use a modification.

Shown here are two different finds, and re-purposing projects.  Both were created to enhance the Asian theme we have,  in a section of our outdoor garden.

Both pottery pieces had a Dragon theme. We wet drilled a 1 inch drain hole through the pot using a diamond hole saw.

We have found several versions of small growing, or low growing evergreens to serve as your live tree. You will have to use something that is adaptable to your local climate. You might have to cruise your local nursery?  Be aware some species are not available all times of the year.  Nor in all locations.

Our favorite is the “Japanese Garden Juniper”.  It can normally be found for about $5 in the small 1 gallon containers at local nurseries.  The short clumps of needles make it ideal for producing the Bonsai Tree effect.

We have found it best to transplant your live tree and let it establish itself before you start shaping and trimming to get the visual effect you are after. Bare copper #14 or #14 wire can be used to train or bend the branches (or roots) to obtain your desired look.  Simply wrap the wire around, bend, and shape as needed.

This image is shown with a “Japanese Garden Juniper” 1 gallon size