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4th of July SALE 2018

4th of July Sale

4th of July Sale

Charleston Antique Mall – Las Vegas,  Nevada

4th of July Sale.   Sale will run from Sunday July 1st thru Wednesday July 4th. Everything in store is 15% off except items marked “firm”.  On Wednesday the 4th, we will be serving ice cream sundaes free of charge.

Charleston Antique Mall
560 S. Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada   89107
(702) 228-4783
Click for Map to street address


This piece of art was found at a recent Estate Sale in Las Vegas.  You just never know what you might find.

Follow link to full article.  Can someone comment or email use more info on the actual shell so we can update the info?  ~Thank You!


This appears to be a pre 1950’s Bostrom-Brady #2 Transit Level.  Known as a Builder or Farm Level.  Some parts brass, other parts copper or possible red brass.  Manufactured by Bostrom-Brady Mfg. Co.  Atlantic, GA U.S.A

We believe it is in in its original wood box.  The box is vintage and original looking.  Corners of the box are joined using finger joints.  Hinge pins appear to be a nail with tail bent over and trimmed off.

The box has a wood padded cradle to hold the transit level, as well as a place to secure a Plumb Bob.  The Plumb Bob is missing.  There is no paper instruction sheet, and any Bostrom-Brady label or tag that may have existed is not on or in the box.

There is a unique label attached to the inside of the hinged lid.  It adds some dated material to the piece.  Making it somewhat unique, more desirable, and perhaps adding some additional value to a collector.

Has a label inside the box from:
William T. Lindstrom Co.
Surveying Instruments
Drawing Materials
Repairing of Scientific Instruments
127 E. Sixth St Los Angeles, CAL.
Hand dated  7/31/53

If we speculate a bit we could assume this piece had some type of repair, or perhaps was resold in 1953 by the William T. Lindstrom Co.?

If you owned this piece what would you do with it?


Come shop the Charleston Antique Mall’s year end Sale!  Pick up some of the best deals of the year.  All the 60+ vendors have set sale prices anywhere between 10% to 50% off.

Normal merchandise, Christmas specialty items, and items that need to make way for the up coming 2018 year.  You won’t enjoy pricing like this once the sale is over.

Visit during the New Years weekend sales event.  Price reductions are good December 30th and 31st , 2017.  As well as January 1st, 2018.

Link to the Charleston Antique Mall info and Vendors.


Two Pearl Necklaces just in time for Christmas.  Going in the shop today (12/17/2017).

Some call these South Pacific Circle Pearls.   They are not the typical more spherical shape.  Beautiful and very classic.

Both of these are a 32 inch continuous loop/strand necklace.  No clasp.  One is mostly a white ivory color.  The other is has a slight gold color to the white ivory coloring.

Please note: Chanel background is for display only and not for sale.

Vendor #24
Charleston Antique Mall
560 S. Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89107
702 228-4783
Click for Map to street address
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