In this business a special buy comes along every so often.  This is one such instance.  One of those buys that makes you have to run to the bank to get more cash.  With hopes it won’t be sold out from under you, while you are gone.

This is a stunning, quite large stone carving.  It is raised on a custom wooden base made just for this carving.

This is a large Jade carved Horse.  The stone horse by itself (Not including the wood stand) weighs 89lbs.  This is all one piece but shows striations between some of the colors.

This was tested extensively at many locations on the horse.  Using an electronic Presidium Gem Tester, this statue was tested at all the different color ranges.  Testing Jade, in various ranges of Nephrite Jade, Spinach Jade, and Jadeite.

Dimensions from tail to nose is approximately: 23.5 inches

Dimensions at the largest width is: 6.5 inches

Dimensions from the stone base to the tip of the ears is: 15 inches

The history from the seller on this carved Jade was it was purchased 38 years ago.

The current retail value of this ranges between $4000 and $5000.  In the right retail setting, perhaps more?

Interested Buyers can contact Marilyn at 702-378-6052.  But we aren’t even sure we can part with it?  It might depend on any offer.

This is local inspection and pick-up only.  We will not ship.

This is currently located in Nevada USA

We have been in the Antique business for over 25 years.


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