Hartmann Cushion Top Upright Steamer Trunk

This vintage Trunk is a wonderful “find”.  For the true die hard “leave it alone” type.   Or for the person that see’s alternate “new life” uses of vintage treasures.

Do you prefer it to be left old?  A piece that shows every scrape, nick, and such.  Each mark having it’s own untold story behind it?

How about piece that houses a hidden bar, sewing center, or arts & crafts work area?  Any of which can be folded away and sit in the corner disguised at a vintage trunk!  With imagination, this makes a perfect re-purposing project that could double or triple its selling value.

Send us your thoughts.  The owner says this was put on Market Place today [6/16/2018], as a “For Sale” item.

We refer to this as a Hartmann.  It is a early 1900’s Cushion top, hinged back lid, upright steamer wardrobe trunk.  Considering its years, the main case is in decent shape.  The hardware is intact, thought the lock is not usable, and the key is gone.  One interior drawer remains.  “As Is”, Estimated  Value as is:  $375-$475 depending on where this might be displayed for sale.

[Location: Las Vegas, Nevada – Owner does not ship]