Charleston Antique Mall
560 S. Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada   89107
(702) 228-4783
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Below is a partial list of vendors.  This is a sample only since Vendors and merchandise constantly change.

Vendor #7        Booth Rear of mall, far left, off the southern most isle
Vendor #24     Glass 6ft case just inside the main entrance + Booth in Store Center
Vendor #36         Near rear, far left, near south wall
Vendor #38         Rear of store. Isle past cashiers – Left side of isle
Vendor #42        Booth Rear of Store, left side, along the south wall
Vendor #61        Rear of Mall, center, off the last isle across the back
Vendor #82       Front section large 4 unit booth
Vendor #90        Booth Located roughly in the center of the store
Vendor #100     Just past the Cashier area.  Booth’s on both sides of the aisle
Vendor #131      Center of the Mall – Large area booth
Vendor #143     Center of the Mall to the far left almost to the south wall
Vendor #168    Rear left section of the mall
Vendor #201    Rear of Mall back isle
Vendor #614      Left/South side, middle of the store, corner booth
Vendor #799     North isle past cashier, left side of isle about half way back in store
Vendor #943    Very rear of mall, down right isle past cashier and coffee, last rear isle
Vendor #1214   Booth Rear of Mall, far left side, off the very southern isle
Vendor #1961    Booth in front area along the far left/south wall
Vendor #2525   Toward the rear of the store, one isle over from the Coffee/Vending area
Vendor #3524  Toward rear of mall along the right/north – Isle past the cashiers.
Vendor #4448   Located just past the cashier area, right side of aisle along the north wall