Winter is always too long no matter where you live. February is certainly too early to plant flowers, or is it? We have been looking through some of our vintage glass pieces to price, and put in the shop for sale.

We normally try to avoid selling anything with nicks or chips. In fact some pieces are pulled off the shelf if they become chipped through customer handling. We used to throw these away.

Applying some minor welding skills, and having the proper tools to drill glass, we turn trash pieces into beautiful additions to our garden. They are beautiful and especially so when they catch the sunlight passing through them just right.

The stem is a piece of bent re-bar. A 3/8 nut was welded on the end.

The Stamen or center of this flower is a crystal door knob.

The glass dish was drilled using a diamond bit in a drill press, with adequate cooling water, as well as lots of patience.

A bolt welded to the knob stem is threaded through everything and tightened into the welded nut completes the project.

All that is left is “planting” it in the proper garden spot to catch the sunlight


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