Some of us suffer from “Cast Iron Sickness”.  We collect and buy vintage cast iron cookware.  I suffer from it myself.  When you find you keep buying and can’t stand to sell a piece you have caught the fever.

I not only buy, collect, and restore.  I also love putting my vintage cast iron to use.

On a recent camping trip to Glacier National Park I did just that.  What a treat to slow the pace down and take the time to do some cooking over a fire or hot coals.  Fresh homemade Dutch Oven biscuits, slathered with melting butter, and the best local jams you can find.

On one occasion I made an appetizer for a group of 6 of us.  One of my favorites is Dutch Oven Rolls, and an Artichoke-Spinach dip.  I am not real keen on either of these ingredients.  But when combined and other items added this becomes one of those additive foods.

Follow this link for links to both the Rolls as well as the Dip Recipes.  Impressive, Easy, and Oh so good!



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