If you are in Las Vegas, NV this weekend come to the Old Mormon Fort. We start Dutch Oven competition cooking Saturday (3/19/2016) 8am. Food will be ready and available free to the public around 12:30 (Noon-ish)

Come have some fun watching and eating food prepared the old fashioned way. Many of the cooks cruise the Antique shops, Estate Sales, and garage sales looking for vintage finds. Many of us not only cook but collect vintage cookware.

You might see the old hang crank egg beater, or biscuit cutter in action. Not to mention all the cast iron Dutch Ovens being put to the test!

We don’t just stick our vintage/antique pots on the garage shelf to gather dust. You will be amazed at what some of these cooks will prepare in cast iron over real fire, using charcoal.

At the same time enjoy some Las Vegas heritage. This event takes place at the Old Mormon Fort located at the corner of N. Las Vegas Blvd & E Washington Ave. (Next to Cashman Field)

Once you get your fill of food, head out to the Antique Shops in search of your own Cast Iron.

For Details follow this link :http://toponautic.blogspot.com/p/mormon-fort-march-19-2016.html


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