This was a “Re-purposing” project that transformed the ordinary into something unique and different.

We took two garage sale finds and combined them.

The combination was a hand blown glass ball and a high square blue glazed flower pot.

Using a landscape light pigtail light socket we buy in bulk off eBay, these objects became a very unusual landscape yard light.

A PVC pedestal holds the glass ball and also has the light socket and bulb centered inside the ball. The landscape wiring goes down through the PVC and out the pots bottom drain hole. That wiring runs back to the landscape lighting transformer/timer.

The pot was filled around the PVC pedestal with pea gravel to secure everything. The pedestal length was cut to purposely give the appearance the ball is floating just above the pot edges.

This project with combined material was completed for under $25.

This project could be adapted to run off solar.


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