This 110VAC Fairy Lamp was being discarded because of bad wiring. It looked like the perfect piece to convert into a low voltage landscape light. A beautiful accent for use in our outdoor garden area.

The original 110V electrical wiring was in disrepair.  We purposely “Picked” this to be used outdoors in our “Fairy Garden” area.

The old wiring was completely removed along with the lamp socket.  New 12V landscape wiring was pulled through the lamp.  A T10  light socket lamp base pigtail was soldered on to the new wiring.  The soldered connections were covered with “heat shrink”

This was connected to our existing 12V landscape system.  A bulb plugged in and there was light.  It is tucked in among some potted spice plants on one of our bakers racks that sit outside.

Re-purposing at its finest!


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