Antique Buyers, Sellers, Pickers, and Collectors all have something in common. They love to find something unusual or different.

Whether cruising a Flea Market, waving at an Auction, or searching an Estate Sale residence. The unusual will catch their eye. Unrelated items are often “picked” at different times and different places. Those with the knack of putting their odd “finds” together are often rewarded with a totally different creation.

Here is a collection of several items. All unrelated when found.  All found at different times. Old Chinese Wooden Doors in the background, a yellow Decorative Metal Box, a Concrete Buddha, a odd pottery Dragon Bowl, and a concrete Asian Pagoda Garden Statue which we electrified with a light.

Using a diamond hole saw and water.  A drain hole was bored through the bottom of the dragon. It became a pot for the Bonsai Tree.

A small Creeping Japanese Juniper was purchased to become a living Bonsai Tree. Heavy copper wire was wrapped around the tree roots to form them and provide stability.  It was then potted in soil with a little sprinkle of fertilizer.  The branches were trimmed to form the more traditional look of a Bonsai. This arrangement was set up in a section of a back yard garden area.

This combination of some rather plain and perhaps boring items, became a serenely peaceful meditation area.


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