Wow…we took to the road late last night (Saturday) to be at a Vintage Flea Market in California the following Sunday morning. About 300 miles one way for us. We pulled into the parking lot at about 4am.

Our shopping started before sunrise as vendors set up. While it may be the best time to score before stuff disappears. There is normally not much dickering that time of the morning. So expect to pay a premium. We shopped until 10am and found some real bargains as vendors started adjusting prices more.

With a car load of vintage goodies we then hit the road back to Las Vegas. I unfortunately lost a nights sleep in there. LOL

We found a vendor with this gem of a rig. Of course I am partial to this vendors set-up. It hits home with my camping spirit. A converted 1963 Airstream. Made into a mobile Boutique. The inside was gutted and converted into a rolling retail shop. Complete with a sales counter up by the door, and a changing room in the rear. You couldn’t get better vintage, at a Vintage/Antique Flea Market.

Even with a crazy 600 mile turn around round trip we had fun! Met new contacts, saw many new “Old” items, and snagged a few good deals. We were only limited by our wallets and imagination of what we could do with some of the items.


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