VENDOR 24 Discount Coupon



This is a one time offer for July 4th, 2019 (One Day Only) – Additional 5% off coupon. For Vendor #24 Items only.

Details: This is an Additional 5% OFF Coupon for items offered by Vendor #24 only. Vendor #24 is located inside the Charleston Antique Mall. Ask for Marilyn. Marilyn is working in the Mall on July 4th.

The entire Mall is already having a 15% off Sale on all items not marked Firm. With the Mall discount of 15% and purchasing a Vendor #24 item with the 5% Coupon you can save 20% off normally tagged prices.

If applied to a Vendor #24 item marked Firm you can enjoy 5% off the Firm price.

To use the 5% Off coupon you must personally speak to Marilyn and present a print-out (use printer Icon at the top of this text) of this page, or show it to her on your mobile device. She will make sure the additional 5% gets applied at the cash register.

This Coupon can be applied to Vendor #24 booth items, as well as Vendor #24 high end items in one of the front glass cases.