Here is a beautiful example of a Stuart Abelman Vase.  An exquisite Gallery quality Glass Art piece.  This vase is a Floral Motif in an Opalescent  Light Blue glass.  Decorated with Heart shaped Green Leaves, and Red Berries.

Many of his pieces are limited edition due to the difficulty level of production.

Stuart is an American Glass Artist.  After earning a Masters degree in Fine Arts from UCLA, he then took over running the glass blowing department at El Camino College in California.

In 1977 he started his own studio.  After some 40 + years his unique designs are highly sought after and collectable.

Many of Stuart’s Glass Art creations are on display in private collections, galleries, and museums all over the world.  One of his pieces is in the permanent collection at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Stuart has created a wide range of glass art objects including Vases, Mushrooms, Dragons, Lights, Figurative Frogs, Ornaments, Goblets, Turtles, Paper Weights, Clowns, and much more.

This vase is signed and dated 1983.  Currently [2018] valued at: $300 – $350

The vase shown is currently owned by Vendor #24 .  It is on display and for sale in one of the secured glass display cases.  See front desk.

For those interested in this Artist.  You might find this link informative:
Stuart Abelman’s Facebook page

1983 Vase -Design Leaves & Red Berries