Please review the rules from time to time since they are adjusted as problems arise.  We attempt to keep this an open forum.  But also we want to satisfy members request to prevent spam, abusive interactions, and so on.

1.  No Posting of Links.
2.  No Non Subject related posts or replies
3.  All posts, comments, replies, text must be in the English language
4.  All posts, comments, replies, text, and images must be Family Friendly
5.  Your Personal Facebook Account must meet acceptable criteria

1.  No posting of Links that are not from our associated website LasVegasAntiqueShops.com

All such material must be sent through our email.  If approved it will be built onto one of our web pages, then we will add the link.  You can email us at the following.  Be sure to include both email addresses:


This group is not a platform for members to add links to their own websites, ads, YouTube video’s, items for sale, photos with embedded links, etc.

If you are trying to help another member by providing info on a collectible or vintage piece.  If you can find it on the LasVegasAntiqueShops.com  website, you are welcome to post those links.

A violation will most likely get the member Deleted/Blocked without warning or explanation.   We do not respond to requests for reinstatement once Blocked.   We do not respond to requests for an explanation as to why a member is blocked.

2.  No Non Subject related posts or replies.  All material must be subject related.  Don’t create tangent subjects when commenting on someone else’s thread.

Avoid adding more comments to a “Question” type thread that has been answered.  In doing so people adding on, often bury the answer thus generating numerous notifications to all members.

No Political, Religious, or other non subject material.

3.  All posts, comments, replies, text, Personal Facebook Profiles, or images with text, must be in the English language.  We do not have the time, money, or resources to monitor using translators, etc.

4.  All posts, comments, replies, text, and images must be Family Friendly.  An under age person or our grandmothers better be able to view what you post without getting offended or exposed to something they should not be seeing.  This includes images, text, and gestures…..and your Profile material!

5.  Your Personal Facebook Profile/Account must meet acceptable criteria  This includes everything in #4.  If your profile setting  “Blocks Admins”, either on purpose or accidentally, initially or even after you are an accepted member, when discovered or reported you will be removed and blocked.

Note:  We normally do not send out a warning on violations.  If you are Blocked we do not respond to requests for an explanation, or requests for reinstatement.