We started with a recovered set of beat up metal chairs and a table. The set was a cheap garage sale find. It was missing a table top. We searched Craigslist for several weeks and found a suitable round glass top.

Since the design in the table and chairs had a sun we selected a red paint with a bright yellow accent color. See the Table and Chairs project.

At the time of the table project we didn’t realize that color would lead to attempting to tie other pieces of patio furniture and accent pieces into a common theme.

Other the past year we had collected a couple of metal flower or tea carts. They had been painted white. We had ordered some red sunbrella material and had sewn our own awning that fit on one of the carts. We had picked as close to Coke red as possible. It went with a Coca Cola fridge, and ice chest we already had.

Looking at the new paint on the table and chairs we realized we could tie the carts, the table, the fridge/cooler and other accents in with the red that seemed to match everywhere.

The carts had wood tops cut, then painted with several coats of red.

After several hours of tedious xacto blade cutting work we created a stencil. We stenciled the cart tops with white. Then sealed them well with clear Polyurethane. We then had 1/4 inch glass cut to finish off the top surfaces.

We have several other projects in the works that will eventually be tied into the theme. A bar cart made from an industrial push cart is currently in the works. Item images will be added to this article as they are completed.