BLUE DRAGON Richard Corben 1984

This BLUE DRAGON Richard Corben 1984 print is one of many subjects, produced by the American illustrator.

Artist Richard Corben is best known for his comics found in the Heavy Metal Magazine.

Some refer to his works as Fantasy Adult Art. His sought after works span many years and has earned him many awards. If you are into Vampirella, Ghost Rider, or other similar subjects you are probably already familiar with his works.

We had difficulties digging up information on this piece of art as well as the artist. We did find a list of earned awards. We just find it odd it is difficult to find more. If you are more familiar and have information you could pass on we would appreciate hearing from you.

This Estate Sale find, Blue Dragon artwork (print) is tastefully triple matted, glassed, and professionally framed. On the back is a sticker as shown below. The frame shows some minor wear, scuffs, and dings. In its current condition, including the frame, it is valued at $250 to $375 or even higher. If the frame was in perfect condition $300 to $425. Depending on the market and the buyer. Much of that is based on lack of knowledge but seeing its potential.