ASH FLASH CORP Dual Mantle Propane Lantern

In this business you often stumble into something you have never seen. May have never even heard of.


This is exactly what we encountered with the lantern shown. After putting out feelers to some lantern collectors. Preliminary information is indicating that this may have been produced by the Ash Flash Corp. [AFC]

While doing some internet research we came up with the following. Ashflash produced lanterns in Hong Kong. While they were under British control. That goes along with a sticker found on the shown lantern. Other than the sticker there are no other identifying marks or stamps, that I can find.

Hong Kong sticker

Though the true colors are a little different than how they come through on the photo. The top is almost a Avocado Green. A lighter shade of green than a Coleman. The plastic tank base is a Harvest Gold or Yellow color. Typical of colors found on kitchen appliances and telephones of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The glass globe is stenciled Coleman. We have to assume it was a replacement? Or did they produce the lantern and use Coleman globes.

Other Ashflash liquid gas type pressurized lanterns [pump up types] were produced that look very similar to Coleman lanterns of the same era. Some were marketed to Canada. Others to USA.

They also produced liquid gas types that had versions using a CO2 cartridge to create the pressure. A presh-r-matic?

AFC Model 1010 Sold in USA [Dark Green similar to Coleman Green]
AFC Model 1010 Sold in Canada [Olive Green/Avocado Green – Lighter than Coleman]
Similar to features found on Kamplite Lanterns
Has some looks of a Coleman 200

AFC Model 1022 is a two mantle version that looks similar to a Coleman 220 and is found in the olive green and the green similar to Coleman green.

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